Diez Diez Collection, our Luxury Boutique Hotel it is a personal experience of luxury and elegance surrounded by an aura of culture and history.

With a very masculine vision from its inception, Diez Diez uses materials such as leather, wood, steel and concrete with a sober and elegant color palette that reflects the sophistication and good taste of the guest.

 Created for the traveler who is intrinsically aware of the value of a brand, who treasures reflective function paired with beautiful shape. For those who choose selectively and deeply personal

The concept is a fusion of architecture, plastic arts and bon vivant.  It is a collection of hotels, and its first headquarters are the city of Mérida, due to its cultural and historical richness, in addition to the tourist attractions that the state has.

Looking to transform the art of lodging into an extra-sensory experience that allows our guests to feel at home, complemented with excellent attention and service.

Is a new brand created with the new traveler looking for unbeatable experiences in extraordinary locations in mind.

The name 10 10 is because this number represents balance, perfection, and precision. In hospitality even, many processes are done according to the hands of the clock, and when driving a car, the hands must mark 10:10, the hands always mark 10 and 10 minutes to frame the mark of the clock.