We are ready to welcome you back for the journey safety.

​Hotel Diez Diez Collection Luxury Boutique Mérida, we are  committed to the health and safety of our guests and team members are paramount. As we move forward and begin welcoming our guests and team members, we will tailor the trip with preventive hygiene protocols led by local health organizations and government authorities.

​For your convenience, in coordination with the more important laboratories in Mérida, we offer you the PCR and Antigen Testing service, which can be performed on the property.
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​We remain committed to continually providing you with a unique experience through our sincere service. We sincerely appreciate your continued loyalty and understanding. We wish you and your loved ones great health, and we hope to see you soon!

Enhanced Safety Protocols

When guests check into Diez Diez Collection hotels in the coming months, they will notice a number of additions to the company's regimen designed to set an even higher standard of cleanliness for hotels. Specific areas of focus include:

GUEST & EMPLOYEE HEALTH: Required use of face masks and additional signage reinforcing the importance of health and hygiene protocols, hand-sanitizing and hand-washing stations.

EMPLOYEE PROTOCOLS: Stringent hygiene protocols including required PPE, temperature readings, and continued training on global standards of sanitation.

CLEANING PROTOCOLS & SANITATION: Increased frequency and continued use of EPA approved cleaning products for all common areas, facilities, furniture, back-of-house, high contact surfaces, guest rooms, meeting and event spaces.

PHYSICAL DISTANCING: Guests and employees are instructed to practice safe physical distancing at all times. This has also been reinforced through rearranged furniture placement, and redesigned meeting and event layouts.

​GUEST EXPERIENCE: Specific, enhanced protocols for every aspect of the guest journey including arrival, luggage disinfection, non-invasive temperature readings, onsite experience and amenities.

​FOOD & BEVERAGE: Internationally recognized methods of identifying and managing food safety related risk, including Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points and refined services that adhere to new protocols at restaurants, bars, in-room dining, meetings and events.

The information contained herein is based upon recommendations currently available from various government agencies, advisors, and other consultants. It is subject to change and modification at any time. Protocols and guidelines will be updated as we learn more. As always, we recommend that all guests consult their own medical advisors and review governmental travel and health sites in order to make decisions about any personal precautions each guest may wish to take.